Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jesuscentric - 1 sided s/t 12"

Tor Johnson is running a pretty sweet sale right now. Everything is on sale. Used cd's are $1.50, records are all marked down 25% and Tor Johnson label releases are all marked 50% off. I saw this sale not too long ago and placed an order but never pulled the trigger. I had a few extra bucks in my paypal so I decided to just pick up a used Disappearer cd and this record by Jesuscentric.

I was a little skeptical about how good the record might be as I had never heard the band before and they were described as "three dudes who don't play metal, who decide to play metal". If you like metal, you understand why that's kinda off putting. But Paul, from Tor Johnson and possibly Jesuscentric(?), posts on a message board I frequent and is always very nice and after a reassuring review on Omgvinyl I went for it. Plus with a price tag off $4.88 how can you go wrong?

This record is really pretty damn good. 5 songs 3 of which are between 4-8 minutes and the other 2 clock in around a minute each. The record goes from spacey and ambient to crushing in the same track. I bet these songs are awesome live. Some good riffs on this record too. I like the vocals, even though I have no idea what he is actually singing/screaming about because there are no lyrics included with the record but he's got a pretty solid yell going on. Even though this record goes by pretty fast (21 or so minutes) it really covers a lot of ground. The B-side is screened with a cool skull but in all reality the first side of this record makes me wish there was more music on the flip.

Vinyl comes in a bunch of colors but it seems maybe only red is left. Can't imagine it was a very large pressing. Inside white sleeve is stamped and hand numbered. Since I got the red mine is out of 96 copies. Comes with an insert with thanks and credits and there is an additional slip of paper with a download code. Like I mentioned before the B side is screened with a skull off to one side.

Totally worth the $5 Paul is asking for it. Go to Tor Johnson and pick it up and grab that Phantom Glue lp for $9 while you are there!

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