Monday, December 6, 2010

Negative Approach - S/T 7"

Even though this is a remastered version, I am still really excited to have this on vinyl. I never had this record when I was younger but instead had a dubbed tape that I got from somewhere back in the early 90's. I haven't heard these songs in at least 10 years so I was beyond pumped when I saw this sitting in the 7" bin at my local record store, Spiral Scratch.

Having been so long I was a little impressed with myself having remembered most of the 10 songs on this record. If you haven't heard NA then you need to get your shit together. The band was formed in Detroit in 1981. Pissed off, fast and threatening. The way hardcore records should fucking be. 5 songs per side and each side ends with my favorite songs. Side 1 ends with the song Nothing which is probably my favorite song on here. Side 2 ends with the song Negative Approach. This is the shit that your favorite hardcore bands, favorite hardcore bands, were listening too.

Don't know the pressing information on this but I do know that it was remastered and released in October of this year. The artwork was redone and it's kind of corny looking now but it will do until I eventually pick up a real copy of this. Comes with a folded insert with awesome pictures on one side and the lyrics on the other side. Pick this up. Any good punk rock record store will have it in stock and it is also available from the Touch and Go webstore.

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