Friday, March 18, 2011

Wino / Scott Kelly split 7"

I have found myself getting more and more selective when it comes to buying smaller format vinyl records. 7"s don't get played as much as Lp's and they take up a ton of space because they amass so quickly. It used to be that I would pick up a 7" to check out a band. If I like them great, if not then I'm only out a few bucks and I can get rid of the record. However the price of small records has gone up a few bucks and I have boxes and boxes full of them taking up space. Now, sadly, it's easier for me to check out bands online and buy their records (or not buy their records) from there.

Last year I joined the Volcom singles club  and was really happy with it. I've never been a member of any vinyl club before but I got a lot of great records and was especially stoked on the free Mastodon record they threw in as a bonus (among other items). I joined up again this year and just got my first two records. I still have to listen to the other one but this split I am writing about it worth picking up, even if you don't join the club.

This is a split 7" between the notoriously heavy Wino and Scott Kelly(Neurosis). Actually, let me be honest, the selling point of this years subscription for me was a Scott Kelly record. I think 2 years back now I ordered the Blood and Time record from Southern records in the UK. I have dealt with the Southern Label/Distro a few times and suggest checking them out and ordering from them. The friendliest customer service you will ever find and really great product, prices and shipping time.

Anyway, I absolutely love the Blood & Time record and the Scott Kelly track on this split totally lived up to my own hype. The man's voice is filled with scars, pain and honesty. For as miserable as some of his material can be, it more often then not brings me a comfort to hear him sing his songs. Scott Kelly writes some of the most powerful songs around and knowing he is out there doing this still after all these years makes me happy. This song alone is worth the price of the record.

However there is still another song! This one comes from the legend that is Wino. Wino and Scott Kelly put out some great songs in the band Shrinebuilder. Wino has been making music for at least 35 years now and has worked with just about everyone at some point. The Obsessed, Saint Vitus and Shrinebuilder are three of the most well known bands he has been in and I like all those bands. I wasn't really sure what to expect from a solo song though. I never got around to getting the solo record he put out a few years back. This song is great. Musically a little more upbeat then Scott's song but still the lyrics stay true to topics our little community is familiar with. I was really surprised and pleased after hearing this song. It's been on repeat for a little while now and I like it more and more with each listen.

I'm not going too into detail about either song because both are available to listen to for free on the Volcom site. Go and give them a listen and decide for yourself. Also available at the link are the two new songs from Wino's new band Premonition 13. There are also pictures of both the limited color records.

Volcom club records are all out of 1000 and are hand numbered. I am pretty sure vinyl club members get an exclusive color and I heard there are only 200 subscriptions available. So act fast before you miss out. If you don't want to drop the cash on the club (which is only like $40 plus a one time shipping charge) you will be able to buy the records individually on the site. Don't sleep on this record!