Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nightbringer - s/t 7"

Picked this record up from the No Idea Records website while purchasing a few other things. The description reads "Nightbringer is bastard hardcore. Taking equal parts from the holy trinity of Motorhead, 70s Detroit rock n roll, and Japanese hardcore". SOLD!

This record rules. Blazing fast hardcore/rock 'n roll from ex members of Ruination, Earthmover and Life Set Struggle. Record has 3 songs that clock in in a little under 7 minutes total. Not sure how many people will get this comparison but they remind me of one of my favorite Buffalo bands of all time No Time Left. Loud and fast and probably likely to incite living room circle pits. I wanted to put up a new review tonight before I went to bed but this record has me so pumped up I don't think I'll be getting much sleep for a while. I don't have much more information about these guys but I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more releases and hopefully some live shows. I bet these guys tear it up live.

No pressing information on the vinyl but mine is on gray marble. Cover is folded with lyrics to the three songs inside. Also includes a download code for the 3 songs plus a bonus song. 3 songs on vinyl, 4 digital and only $3.50. If you plan on doing an order with No Idea in the future do yourself a favor and throw this on. Good jams!

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