Friday, October 29, 2010

BONGRIPPER - Satan Worshipping Doom 2xlp

My weekend nights used to be about where my friends were going to be, what was going on, who was partying where. In the last few months I sort of detracted from that and started staying in and spending whatever time I got off from work with my girlfriend and my dogs. It's nice to sort of become unavailable for a while and just spend time with yourself. Work things out in your head, evaluate and reevaluate things that happen in your life. It's a positive thing. 

Since my job has changed over the last year I not longer work a Monday-Friday 9-5. My schedule is all over the place but I am usually always off one weekend day to enjoy. When I get out of work the day before a day off I tend to do a few routine things. One is head to my parents house to pick up any records I may have gotten delivered ( I haven't begun to trust my mail person at this apartment yet). Next is grab some alcohol from the store, come home and get some take out with the lady and watch a movie. After all that, when my girlfriend goes to bed I like to go into my record room and sit on the couch and put on something that can melt away an entire weeks worth of grief. I tend to have a nice alcoholic drink within reach and my dog, Lemmy, by my side. We will sit and listen to Boris or Floor and just relax. Let time melt away and just enjoy the sounds rumbling from the speakers.

Tonight Lemmy and I have found our new soundtrack.

Satan Worshipping Doom is the most recent album from Chicago Doom monsters, Bongripper. It was released back in August of this year but it took me until today to receive it. This is the first release I have purchased from the band and that is both exciting and totally sad. This however is not the first I have heard of the band.

While checking out some sale threads over on the Vinyl Collective message board, I found a guy selling some records and cassettes. One of those tapes was by Bongripper. I wanted it right away just based on the name but I acted too slow and missed out. I found the bands Myspace page and checked out a few songs and thought it was something worth checking out. Fast forwarding, I heard about this record coming out and when I saw the artwork I knew I had to have it. However I completely missed the first press of the record and just today received my copy of the second press.

This album is amazing. It's heavy, it's thunderous, it's sludgy. It is an all instrumental album and turns out it is also the bands sixth full length album. The album is only 4 tracks spread over 4 sides of vinyl. Each side gets it's own soundtrack. Saying they are songs doesn't feel quite right because this album is so much more then that. The titles of each side are Hail, Satan, Worship, Doom. This is one to put on and melt into your couch with. Each instrument is clearly audible and while it forms a monsterous wall of sound, you can still make sense of it all. I had my receiver set a little bass heavy when I put this on and it sounded so good I didn't bother to adjust. I imagine the ride to Hell being a long, slow ride in an elevator. The only light being one red lightbulb, smoke filling the small area which is hot and humid and this record pounding out through the speakers.

At least that's what I hope it's like.

Like I mentioned before this is the second press of the record. I think the first press was 300 copies and this press is out of 200. It is on a beautiful red and black mix vinyl that is totally fitting. The albums artwork is also absolutely beautiful and totally jam packed with crazy images. Inside the sleeve there is also a smaller sheet of paper with some additional artwork, song listing and some contact information as well as a download code.
I found this available a few places online but ultimately ordered directly from the band through their website. I got the record in a timely manner and it was even packaged correctly to appease the vinyl world. Records out of the sleeve and wrapped in bubble wrap and sent in an LP mailer. All this for like $22 bucks shipped so I recommend hurrying to that link above and grabbing yourself a copy. From what I understand these are going fast and won't be repressed again any time soon.

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