Monday, October 18, 2010

All Pigs Must Die - s/t

If someone told me that Matt Woods, Adam Wentworth, Kevin Baker and Ben Koller were putting out a record together I would not hesitate in ordering it based on nothing more than those names. Tell me that Florian Bertmer, one of my favorite artists going, is doing the artwork and I can't put my money in your hands fast enough. Inform me that the new Shirts & Destroy record label NonBeliever is responsible for all of this and I am literally waiting at my door for the package to arrive.

This is step by step how it all happened for me.

APMD consists of the above mentioned four members, who without knowing, have been partly responsible for me almost getting into more then a few car wrecks in my time. Previous and ongoing bands that these four men are involved with are some of the heaviest bands out there. You can not put on a Converge record and keep the accelerator at 55 mph. You can not drive in a straight line while flailing your arms about while blasting any Doomriders track. The irresponsibility that takes place on the road while I listen to these bands continues as you go through the extremely impressive discography these members have churned out over the years. 

If those records and bands have come close, this record is surely going to get me into some trouble.

This record is 5 songs and is over way too fast. The music is tight, fast and punishing. My heart is racing just from listening to this. Kevin's vocals are one of my favorite in hardcore/metal. The honesty, the misanthropy, the hate scream from my speakers and fill the air with brutal emotion. There is no bullshit about this record. They call it as they see it and there is zero hesitation to paint a realistic and graphic picture for the listener. You can't do anything but respect that.

The artwork is done by German Florian Bertmer  who has never let me down. I purchased the $65 super nerd package and his artwork is on everything from the gatefold LP sleeve to the patch and the amazing screened poster. I can not wait to get that print framed and up on my wall. It is one of my favorites in recent memory.

Pressing information seems to be 150 copies on 180 gram vinyl in that clear/black/smoke colorway. This color was exclusive to the $65 package and is now sold out. The remaining 850 copies are on black 180 gram vinyl and available here for $15. You can also get a T-shirt here but the stock seems to be getting a little low.

There is still some time left but I would be amazed if a record came out by the end of the year that tops this. I've read that the band has already put 7 new songs to demo so hopefully there isn't too much of a wait for a full length. That should give me enough time to save up money for any future traffic incidents. 


  1. Thanks for this dude - just checked this band out and am digging the tunes.

    Check out my blog if you get a chance -

  2. Thanks man and I will check it out right now!